For over 40 years,  Ron Weiss has worked in the construction industry, building and managing large scale retail and residential projects. Over the years, he developed an appreciation for the geometry, symmetry and repetition that exists in buildings and structures. As this appreciation grew, he began looking at them from a new perspective. He now merges his knowledge of the materials and methods used in construction, with his sense of artistic expression. 

The intention of his photography is to encourage the viewer to focus on their environment not as a whole, but as constituent parts of a complex canvas of shapes, light, shadows and textures. Ron photographs mostly in black and white, which accentuates the contours of the buildings and allows the viewer to enter into the rhythm of their structural patterns without distraction.

His intimate knowledge of buildings and construction is clearly visible in his photographs. Some images are precise and sharp representations of the structures, and others are soft and undulating explorations of form. As an architectural photographer, Ron Weiss is unique in his understanding and vision as applied to form, function and beauty.

Ron is represented by the United Photographic Artists Gallery, and some of his work can be viewed and purchased through their website:

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